School Spirit, Interim + The Brooklyn Circus SF Shop: . . .

SCHOOL SPIRIT,Interim + The Brooklyn Circus SF Shop:
Classic school spirit, pride and soft cotton knitted imperfectly to create the perfect vintage Phys Ed tees. Shirts feature single color designs based on collegiate graphic cues from the 1940s/50s, all in limited quantity and individually numbered 1-50 per design. Interim University’s Campus Collection is a reflection of athletic pride, teamwork and camaraderie in a range of college programs during a period of study.

The first deliveries of tees are available to you among our collection of thrifted goods at the Interim + The Brooklyn Circus SF shop concept on June 30th.

On that note, The Brooklyn Circus San Francisco celebrates its 4th year in operation 4th of July Weekend and we were given the opportunity to design a tee to celebrate the occasion. The “Fillmore Seal” tee drops during The Brooklyn Circus SF Anniversary weekend. Somebody say TEAMWORK!


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  1. I’m loving this marriage. I think this should be permanent. You guys share the same vision design wise.

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