Summer Weekend Sale . . .

Summer Weekend Sale: What better way to start a “Great American Summer Weekend” than with an unexpected Weekend Sale at your favorite store. Yep! We are having an unexpected Weekend Sale. The last few days have been so muggy hot, which I think warped our judgment and the decision to have a Sale was made. By the time we got back to our senses it was too late. We had already told all the people that stopped by the shop as well as the office yesterday and today. Oh well, your gain and our hot heads at it again! We’re not crying, so feel no pity for us, come down and enjoy it. It might be a one day thing or we might extend it till Sunday. Only items marked and slashed with our fancy red pen will be on sale, they include and are not limited to Striver’s Row, The Brooklyn Circus T-shirts, Jeans, Grenson Shoes, Wolverine boots, BKc shirts, Pro Keds and lots more. Looking forward to enjoying another great day with you guys at the corner office after your great shopping experience. Yes prices will be slashed online as well, while supplies last of course. For more information please contact us NYc 718.858.0919, SF 415.359.1999 Online The BKc, Style + Character & The 100 Year Plan . . .


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  1. nice product

  2. Sending Love!

  3. Wow!!! cant believe I missed such an amazing sale, hopefully when I visit your store I will find a good sale when I touchdown, much love and respect. Keep Shining!

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