This is Haiti Part I . . .

The Bearded Man Speaks, This is Haiti Part I: I am less than 24 hours back from Haiti and therefore not completely adjusted to my lovely fast paced life. This past week has been an experience in MISCONCEPTION, PURE LOVE and ADVENTURE. I spent 7 busy days traveling across Haiti, going from Port-au-Prince to Jacmel, to Ti-Guave, Grand Guave & Port Salut in Les Cayes. I’d have to hire a professional writer to express in written words how amazing the trip was. I was on the road with friends on a social/professional mission and I was on a personal mission. For years I had dreams of the Haiti I remember and not the Haiti reported by the media. The haiti I remember was a vacation destination full of culture and great history. I am happy to report that it still exists and is better that what I recalled. We met the most amazing, good spirited people and have major plans to return with personal and professional intentions. With that said, hope you guys enjoy the pictures and hope you can join us on our next trip to Haiti. “People only see the negative side of Haiti,” Donna Karan said. “I want people to see the positive side. I do a lot of work in Bali where I make furniture, and I think Haiti could be the next Bali.”

Haiti’s recorded history goes back to 1492. The Taíno people called the island Quisqueya (mother of all lands) and Ayiti (land of high mountains). On January 1, 1804 Dessalines then declared independence,[17] reclaiming the indigenous Taíno name of Haiti (“Land of Mountains”) for the new nation. Most of the remaining French colonists fled ahead of the defeated French army, many migrating to Louisiana or Cuba. Unlike Toussaint, Dessalines showed little equanimity with regard to the whites. In a final act of retribution, the remaining French were slaughtered by Haitian military forces. Some 2,000 Frenchmen were massacred at Cap-Français, 900 in Port-au-Prince, and 400 at Jérémie. He issued a proclamation declaring, “we have repaid these cannibals, war for war, crime for crime, outrage for outrage.”

Haiti is the world’s oldest black republic and one of the oldest republics in the Western Hemisphere. Although Haiti actively assisted the independence movements of many Latin American countries – and secured a promise from the great liberator, Simón Bolívar, that he would free their slaves after winning independence from Spain – the nation of former slaves was excluded from the hemisphere’s first regional meeting of independent nations, held in Panama in 1826.

Above: Dan’s Creek a beautiful beach front resort in Port Salut in the southern coast of Haiti.
Below:Wahoo Bay Beach. A beach front resort only 45 minutes from Port-au-Prince.

Basin Blue: We drove a few hours up the craziest twisting mountain to get to Jacmel, through the town and across a river to get to another small village. We stopped along side the road to grab some fresh bananas and goodies to snack on. From there we walked into the jungle to get to Basin Blue and the water falls. It was an adventure getting there and we enjoyed every minute of it.


11 Responses to This is Haiti Part I . . .

  1. The Prodical Son enlightens……….good for us.
    Welcome home.

  2. Haiti is a beautiful place and I’m sure the people make it better. An inspiration as always.

  3. Oh wow! This just made my day. I’m visiting Haiti for the first time at the end of September. I am overwrought with anticipation.

  4. WOW!! the feeling of going back home or the Caribbean Island is more than amazing, the Hispaniola is a hidden Eden, your face says it all, more than awesome. the food is so fresh that wholefood can even sale it. love the pictures, many blessings

  5. Belle photos comme d’habitude (good pictures as usual)…. What camera did you guys use, if you don’t mind me asking?

    Great job, keap it up brother.

    • Thanks Alain, we used the Canon G10. It’s the best in the Powershot G series.

  6. beatiful pictures

  7. La Pearl Des Antilles, oh how I miss my country Haiti!!. Thank you for sharing your trip with us and looking forward to your 2013 project, I can see your inspiration.
    I love your style!!
    Keep going strong bearded man of BK ! :)

  8. Awesome shots! I’m proud to say that is my country. Unfortunately the media is obsessed with death, devastation and suffering. They would never dare to show these shots. This is much appreciated!

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