This is Haiti Part II . . .

The Bearded Man Speaks, This is Haiti Part II: As promised more beautiful shots of our trip to Haiti. Our plans are to return sometime in December to outline the details and do some more scouting for an upcoming look book shoot in 2013 with none other than our favorite friend and creative partners photographer John Midgley and Stylist Scott Newkirk. Colin The Circus Trainer & Gabe The Great will also be joining us on the 2013 trip, the boys refused to be left out this time around. We also heard buzz that Early B SF and Zeke Sf will be joining us on this Haiti mission. If I don’t have the best job in the world, I don’t know who does. Assignment: Go to Haiti to shoot a look book with friends, an amazing photographer & stylist and call it work, GREATNESS! The BKc Style + Character & The 100 Year Haiti Plan . . .


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  1. Haiti as the next Bali. That’s the understatement of the Century. Haiti’s natural beauty is unsurpassed.

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