PRE-ORDER: The BKc + SHIPS (Japan) 35th Anniversary “Varsity Blazer”

PRE-ORDER: The BKc + SHIPS (Japan) 35th Anniversary “Varsity Blazer”

PRE-ORDER: The BKc + SHIPS (Japan) 35th Anniversary “Varsit Blazer:” We often pull the curtain back to invite you backstage to see the process of The BKc 100 Year Plan. However, certain projects, mostly from a respectful or legal standpoint are simply out of our hands and cannot be leaked prior to its confirmed release date.

Early this year, SHIPS a top tier Japanese retailer and private label, contacted us to create a special edition BKc Jacket in celebration of their 35th Anniversary SHIPS Label. We were honored, considering they carefully selected a handful of brands that exhibited a level of excellence from around the world to participate including:

Alden (USA), Trickers (UK), Inverallan (UK), Gitman (USA), Tumi (USA), Lavenham(UK), Barbour (UK), Porter Classic (JAPAN), Jam Home Made × Ojaga Design (JAPAN), and Yaeca (JAPAN)

After months of researching, developing and sourcing the best quality fabrics and trimmings we are confident to report that we created one of our proudest pieces to date; a self-proclaimed “Navy Varsity Blazer” inspired by the Classic Navy Blazer.

The Inspiration
We of course wanted to honor the heritage of the irreplaceable classic blazer while still injecting some BKc ‘Style + Character’. We decided to pull inspiration from one of our favorite proven sportswear items, the All-American Varsity Jacket and carefully blend the two pieces into one very special versatile jacket. No detail was overlooked

100% Loro Piana Italian Wool || Japanese Striped Cotton Lining || Traditional Crest brass-metal buttons
BKc Tailored Casual Fit || Made in USA ||

The History
The Navy blazer has been a mainstay in the attire of the well-dressed for nearly a century, though its roots go much further back. Since its invention, the jacket has been associated with both boating and elite universities, longtime mainstays of the prep lifestyle. – Brooks Brothers

Loro Piana is an Italian clothing company specialising in high-end, luxury cashmere and wool products. For the past six generations, Loro Piana has been the vanguard of developing the potential of Super 120′s wool. At Loro Piana technology and tradition work hand in hand to ensure superior quality. Loro Piana was founded on the principle to always strive to give their customer a flawless finished product that is nothing less than excellent.

Limited Edition: In honor of SHIPS Label 35th Anniversary their will only be 35 BKc + SHIPS “Varsity Blazer’s” Available in the U.S.

Be a part of this historic moment and Pre-Order your “Varsity Blazer” today: $895

EastCoast: 150 Nevins St. Brooklyn NY 11217 || (718 ) 858-0919 || @TheBKcircus
WestCoast: 1521 Fillmore St. San Francisco 94115 || (415) 359-1999 || @TheBKcircusSF


7 Responses to PRE-ORDER: The BKc + SHIPS (Japan) 35th Anniversary “Varsity Blazer”

  1. Umnnnn it looks ok, what’s going on with Bkc can’t create nothing on your own anymore. Maybe the budget is tight?
    Overall the jacket is ok the lining is the best part of the item.

  2. I always look forward to the Fall when the BKc reveals their marvels of both design and style for the coming chilly weather. Excellent piece my friends!

  3. The brilliance resides in the construction. The craftsmanship is impeccable with the wool from Loro Piana being the world’s finest. The beautiful gold buttons adds a distinctively tasteful touch to the navy blue jacket which exudes a timeless nature. The crest is modernly bold yet subtle. Overall excellent work gentleman.
    Style Beyond Fashion
    The Golden Gentleman

  4. Nothing wrong with collaborations — it’s good for business. I love the look. The varsity jacket is clean and the embroidery is on-point. It’s kinda pricey, but, eh, if you got it — rock it. Don’t forget about the big guys (stock a few 3XL’s).

  5. Love this piece! Colin ill be hitting you up soon about this one bro lol

  6. Expensive yes, beautiful & necessary absolutely. I ordered a size large, so Colin, Ouigi, Gabe, Delon, Brandon & Gigi please reserve my jacket. Of course you will you already have my funds. :) Love you guys and please keep up the great work.

  7. This is very classy guys… reminds me a lot Mr. Emiliano Rinaldi… Have a look:

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