POP SHOP, Details & Stormy Weather . . .

POP SHOP, Details & Stormy Weather: This past month has been a journey in planning, visualizing and actualizing. We decided to embark on changing our 258 Studio into a POP SHOP featuring PF Flyers, The Brooklyn Circus, Black Ivy c/o Josh & Travis of Street Etiquette and designer/legend Alyasha Moore aka Stack Aly. If you are not familiar with the names previously mentioned we’ll do our best to educate and introduce you shortly. With so much space and so many ideas to work with, the challenge was to create an environment that welcomed our modern vintage approach, but of course keep PF Flyers, the elder in the room, a 75 Year history serving as the backdrop of our efforts. Backdrop!!!! That’s it!! Let’s create a collage of 75 years of PF Flyers ads to install on the back wall and create the initial mood of the POP SHOP, it’ll be the shoulders we stand on for our Shop concept-BRILLIANT! Alyasha & The Bearded Man met,discussed the idea and shared it with the rest of the team, everyone loved it. We called on Julian our technical/talented Graphic designer & friend to layout the idea and see if our great idea lived up to our expectation. After many comps and emails, not to mention several late nights at 258 Bergen, the collage was up & made us all smile.

The Shop was set to open Nov 1st as advertised on twitter and elsewhere on the web, but due to Hurricane Sandy we were forced to move it to the following week. Shipments of product, shopping bags, our credit card machine and a few other things are stuck somewhere in a warehouse waiting for roads to clear up and for gas and electricity to be available. We are patient and will wait it out, while we travel hours on a commute that normally takes 30 minutes to get to work and see if anything was delivered. In the mean time, we’ll keep you posted and continue to publish more of the process shots as well as product shots for your enjoyment. Hope everyone made it through the storm and our prayers are with you. Stay Tuned for more . . .


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