The BKc MOTO-VARSITY Jacket, Back with a vengeance. . .

The BKc MOTO-VARSITY Jacket, Back with a vengeance. . .

The BKc MOTO-VARSITY Jacket, back with a vengeance:
This Black Friday, Nov. 29th we will be releasing The BKc MOTO-VARSITY Jacket.One of our personal favorite jackets from the BKc Varsity Series. We’ve taken 2 classic jackets that have lasted the test of time and created a unique hybrid that balances everything you love about each one.

Details: Melton Wool Motorcycle-style Body with Top-grade Varsity Leather Sleeves, cozy-quilted interior lining, Inside pocket w/ leather welt, Knit-ribbed wrist w/ leather cuff protector, our signature “Tailored-Casual” fit, and proudly Built in the USA.

Inspiration: America has always had a love & hate relationship with its “Bad Boy/Bad Girl”. We fear them at times, are victim of their care free attitude, admire them at times but love to dress like them all the time. The “Bad Boy/Bad girl” is imbedded in American culture, the biker, cowboy, cowgirl, rapper or artist who cares very little about your opinion on his lifestyle. As bikers & artist ourselves, we understand it and totally love you for it America.

Available: This BLACK FRIDAY, Nov. 29th, 2013 at The Brooklyn Circus NY, SF & Online.
The “KNUCKLE-HEAD” Moto-Varsity is all Black Wool with Ebony Black Leather sleeves. The “CHARLIE-KNUCKLE” is Black Wool with Chocolate Brown leather sleeves.

East Coast: 150 Nevins St. Brooklyn NY || (718) 858-0919 || follow @TheBKcircus for the latest updates
West Coast: 1521 Fillmore St. San Francisco CA || (415) 359-1999 || follow @TheBKcircusSF for the latest updates  Online:


3 Responses to The BKc MOTO-VARSITY Jacket, Back with a vengeance. . .

  1. like. Anything BKc motors related I’m eating up. And, the to the person behind the shutter button – bravo.

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  3. These pics are dope. This jacket is even doper. So glad you brought it back.

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