Still – A 60-Day Photographic Journey

Photography: John Midgley 

Before Covid-19, John Midgley could have easily been mentioned in the conversation as one of the most important photographers of our times. From his commercial work to his advertising projects, his list of clients reads like the who’s who of the industry. But it’s his personal projects that really shine light on who John is as a photographer, as a human being and his legacy. I guess it’s true that some of the best things do come out of pain and our ability to dig deeper when most want to run and hide. John dug deeper when the global epidemic hit and explored the empty streets of New York for 60 straight days. What he came up with was his very first photography book of images that can be considered both poetry and documentary. 

Join us in supporting an artist and photographer who has dedicated himself to contributing more than just pretty pictures. 

Support the launch of John Midgley’s Kickstarter for the photography book-STILL. You were already a part of this history, now own a piece of it recorded so beautifully. Follow the link to contribute.

“I could sense the whole city getting hot with the virus.
It could be anywhere—on any door handle or bar top,
in any random cough, on any subway pole or
studio microphone. Like flowers at Chernobyl.”

From the introduction of Still, written by
New York Times reporter Donald G. Mcneil Jr.


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