About Noemie-Marguerite

Photography: Noemie Marguerite

“I love what I do. I'm grateful for this life. And if any part of my purpose involves helping you mentally, aesthetically, socially, spiritually, I'm on board. My work is bigger than me, and my goal is to explore what that all involves”. Noemie Marguerite

As she continues to explore her self, her identity and her professional career through photography-Noemie taps an ability to be present and in the moment-yet never in the way. For someone who was born in the digital age, it’s a balancing act. Her self portraits are honest and ever so present. You cannot help but notice her- frame after frame after frame. From her self styling or story telling, her personal work screams “ I can direct, style and star in my work and make it dynamic”. Yet she skillfully disappears in her professional work as a photographer at a Pyer Moss fashion or at the Culture Con conference and quickly brings you into the space.





Style is informed by a moment in time, and context is captured by presentation.

The Brooklyn Circus/BKc is a menswear brand that finds inspiration in the pages of history books. Everything we make has a story, from the construction of our varsity jackets to the looms where our denim is woven, and we take these elements into consideration when we cultivate our brand. We are here to tell the story of style throughout American history and to emphasize the power of presentation. We want to change the way Americans dress, one iconic silhouette at a time through the 100-Year Plan. Welcome to the circus.