Greats x Joekenneth Museau

Photographer: Tyre Thwayes
Subject: Joe Kenneth Museau


Joekenneth Museau is a Brooklyn-bred artist who seeks to connect with the world around him through poignant storytelling. Museau’s penchant for style and spoken word poetry was what initially commanded the attention of spectators; both in real life and online. An undeniably unique talent, Joekenneth, continues to rivet audiences with his vivid writing style and his charismatic, passion-filled delivery.

Throughout his creative career, Joekenneth has sought to express himself in various mediums beyond writing; these include photography, creative consulting, and filmmaking. In the summer of 2013, Joekenneth self-published his first book Tales of a Troubled Romantic; a compilation of poetry and prose writings. His second book, Days After Your Departure, released in 2017 is the author's most vulnerable work to date. Best described as a multimedia memoir, Days finds Joekenneth processing life after his mother’s death. The book was later adapted as a short film with the same title; starring Joekenneth and directed by Sam Sneed. It can now be viewed on HBO streaming services and their partner channels.








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