Studio Sessions: Vol.1 - A First Look Inside the Studio

Pictures: Tiffany Brown + Words: Natalie Webb

In her first published work, "Studio Sessions: Vol. 1", Tiffany takes the viewer on a visual journey into the recording studio, her images capturing the calm before the storm in an intimate look at some of Hip Hop's most beloved artists in the recording studio. Her debut book shares moments of their lives and creative processes; in quiet contemplation, or even just candid, unseen sides of the artists themselves: laughing, joking and sharing their spirit in moments the public rarely sees.

By no means new to the game, Tiffany is the self-taught photographer and mastermind behind JustRock Photography. The Los Angeles-native has been capturing some of Hip Hop's dearest and most celebrated artists through her lens for over a decade, often in the moments before they catapulted to the prime of their careers.

Her gift is seeing their spark and capturing it as they flexed their craft and cultivated their inspiration. At the very least, she has borne witness to some critical moments of their lives and their creative process in the studio.

Her hope for her debut work? By putting out a published compilation of these unique and intimate images, the world will get to know these artists through her work, and in turn, she can bring her unique perspective into their homes.

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