History of an American Icon: Harvard University has been credited with being the birth place of the varsity letterman jacket. The varsity jacket has been synonymous with American Football but in 1865 it was the Harvard baseball team who embroidered the "H" to their flannel uniforms which served as ground to build what would become an American icon-The Varsity Letterman Jacket. Letters and Letterman jackets were only awarded to the best players, inferior players were to return their jackets at the end of the season, which naturally raised the value and status of anyone afforded the luxury of sporting a "Varsity Jacket".

BKc Varsity Club Not much has changed in what the Varsity Jacket represents on High School or College campuses. A team jacket still represents a status level that cannot be purchased but earned. Which is very much the same system that we build our BKc/The Brooklyn Circus varsity jackets on and have done since 2006. The jackets have become a symbol of how rooted you are in the BKc history. With collectors from as far a Korea, Japan & London browsing the internet to find jackets that slipped them when they were originally released or those who pride themselves in having the first release of a particular BKc jacket. Featured: Burgandy BKc F.A.P all wool Varsity $450

For details on joining the BKc varsity club and its perks: Please contact us at NY@thebkcircus.com or call The Brooklyn Circus NYc 718.858.0919 || The Brooklyn Circus SF 415.359.1999


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