The Delta Blues is one of the earliest styles of blues music. It originated in the Mississippi Delta, a region of the United States that stretches from Memphis, Tennessee in the north to Vicksburg, Mississippi in the south, Helena, Arkansas in the west to the Yazoo River on the east.

"The blues tells a story. Every line of the blues has a meaning", John Lee Hooker. Exactly what we aim to accomplish with every varsity jacket we design.

The Delta Blues Varsity was previously released to a fan fare of press and reviews, quickly becoming a staff and client favorite. People traveled all over the globe in search of the BKc Delta Blues jacket. We applied our usual formula of the perfect balance of melton wool, meets our carefully source naked cow hide trimmed with nothing more than our meticulously designed details, perfected fit, topped with our hand made chenille B. The result, an instant classic BKc varsity jacket. 

Please note that the BKc Delta Blues jacket is only available in store. Please visit or contact The Brooklyn Circus NYc 718.858.0919 || The Brooklyn Circus SF 415.359.1999 (Phone orders accepted)


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