Brown Bottle Boxing Club

The Brown Bottle Boxing Club: BKc + Schlitz Bouts. We teamed up with Schlitz to follow up on their successful launch of the Schlitz Bouts amateur boxing themed social. These fights and events are like no other boxing event you have ever attended. Staged to take you back to the mid twenties, complete with instructions for the audience to attend dressed in their best 20's attire. Imagine a crown full of men in pin striped trousers, apple jack and 8 panel hats, spectator shoes and suspenders, alongside ladies in swing dresses, pearls and feathered accessories. Stay tuned for more and a full recap of the event, held at The world famous Hollywood Athletic Club this past Thursday November 20,2014.

The BKc + Schlitz Bouts "Brown Bottle collection" is now available at The Brooklyn Circus NYc, Stag Provisions Men in Venice, For more information please visit or contact The Brooklyn Circus NYc 718.858.0919 || Stag Provisions 310.450.1991

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