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"GOLD RUSH" Varsity (MEN)


ANOTHER BKc HOLY GRAIL NOW  IN STORE. Someone emailed us and said "you guys are killing me with all this heat this 2019 season".  Oh no! we want you alive to share the stories with your grandkids when you are passing on your BKc varsity to the deserving grandkid.

The "Gold Rush" was originally released in the Fall of 2010, followed by a viral editorial that shook TUMBLR. The editorial, a collaboration between Madburry Club + The Brooklyn Circus/BKc will forever be stamped in the memories of our generation. The Gold Rush was then re-released twice after with the same viral impact. 2019 will be no different, the Gold Rush returns with a slightly sleeker vibe, new naked leather sleeves and yet as classic as the original release.

With the varsity jacket being a Brooklyn Circus staple, the "Gold Rush" is made with quality melton wool and 100% leather sleeves, offers its wearer that timeless BKc "tailored casual" look as expected. 

  • Melton Wool Body
  • Nylon lining 
  • 100% naked cow Leather Sleeve
  • Beautifully hand detailed Chenille patch
  • Raglan Sleeve (The sleeve extends in one piece fully to the collar, leaving a diagonal seam from underarm to collarbone).

Did you know that when you purchase a BKc varsity jacket you are making an investment. Why? BKc varsity jackets come with a full warranty of quality and always has a trade value. We buy and accept trades of BKc varsity jackets towards the purchase of another BKc varsity jacket. Your varsity jacket has value for the life of your purchase. Bring it into one of our stores, we'll evaluate it and make you an offer. If we can't make you an offer, you still receive 10% off your next BKc varsity purchase.

Center Back Length 25 26 27 28 29
Across Shoulder 17 17 1/2  18 18 1/2 19
Chest Circ. 1" below Armhole 41 43 45 47 49
Sleeve Length from CB 34 1/2 35 1/4 36 36 3/4 37 1/2

Fit Guide

Athletic Fit: A traditional straight fit with a generous cut, producing a more casual look and feel. Sizing down can help produce a more tailored result.

Tailored Athletic Fit: The slim straight variation of the Athletic Fit. Though similar in shape, this fit is cut to run a little closer to the body, producing the ideal Tailored Casual look. Sizing up can result in a more generous, casual look. 

Tailored Fit: A finely tailored modern slim fit that is designed to fit the body as closely, yet comfortably as possible. This fit produces a more polished and refined look, comparable to that of a made to measure piece of garment.


Still a bit unsure what size works for you? Our team of professionals can assist you with finding the ideal size and fit for you. Feel free to contact us here or call us at (718)-858-0919. Available Tues - Sun 12pm-7pm EST.

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