FYB "Nepotism" Tee


For as long as we’ve been on American soil we’ve been taught that nepotism is a bad thing. At the same time, we’ve watched almost every other culture flourish by putting family first. We’ve watched property exchange hands, nephews get promotions, son-in-laws get raises, daughters inherit the company. We’ve been convinced that there’s some sort of nobility in starting from scratch with every new generation. We take pride in learning things the hard way. The truth is that if your last name doesn’t make life easier for the ones that come after you then there’s no point of giving it to them. - ©KEV
  • 100% Cotton
  • Hand printed graphic
  • Tailored Athletic fit
  • True to size
  • Made In USA

Fit Guide

Athletic Fit: A traditional straight fit with a generous cut, producing a more casual look and feel. Sizing down can help produce a more tailored result.

Tailored Athletic Fit: The slim straight variation of the Athletic Fit. Though similar in shape, this fit is cut to run a little closer to the body, producing the ideal Tailored Casual look. Sizing up can result in a more generous, casual look. 

Tailored Fit: A finely tailored modern slim fit that is designed to fit the body as closely, yet comfortably as possible. This fit produces a more polished and refined look, comparable to that of a made to measure piece of garment.


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