The All-American
Uniform Collection

Photography: R. Britton

 On Thursday February 13th, 2020 -The Brooklyn Circus/BKc made official @apple history by being the first brand to present a collection during fashion week at Apple Fifth Ave.







This is a movement- No PR needed. Lando Griffin — @thesuitedracer.

The Brooklyn Circus brought the community together to showcase something more than pretty clothes and skinny models at Fifth ave Apple. More art to follow. — @Photosbycarlos.nj.

Folks kept asking us if Apple was releasing a new iPhone-the crowd was that big. Marcus Elliot, stylist. — @marcusjameselliott.

I was on duty, drove by and saw the crowd. I wanted to walk in fully uniformed to watch the show. — @claudybriscco, NYPD.

So I’ve never been to a fashion show until Thursday. And I can honestly say I was happy it wasn’t a traditional fashion show. It was a little chaotic trying to get pictures of the models but we got it. Photographer Kimani Howell — @_kmni_.

Brother Ouigi! Just wanted to say congratulations for the epic event at Apple last night. It’s a true blessing seeing beautiful souls like yours fulfilling their dreams. Keep believing in yourself and never lose your simplicity. Since we’re planning for the next 100 years, this is just the beginning, my man. God bless you! 🖤

Felipe Hassin, Business man-club owner Brazil-London. — @felipehassin

Bless! great night, 100yr. Niya Basco, Award winning interior designer.  — @niyabasoman


Style is informed by a moment in time, and context is captured by presentation.

The Brooklyn Circus/BKc is a menswear brand that finds inspiration in the pages of history books. Everything we make has a story, from the construction of our varsity jackets to the looms where our denim is woven, and we take these elements into consideration when we cultivate our brand. We are here to tell the story of style throughout American history and to emphasize the power of presentation. We want to change the way Americans dress, one iconic silhouette at a time through the 100-Year Plan. Welcome to the circus.