100 Years of Protest.
But one hundred years later, man is still not free. One hundred years later, the life of man is still sadly crippled by the manacles of segregation an... Read more
Dark Matter at The Rose Marie Ines Gallery – A Curatorial Exploration in Black Space, Color and Identity.
Criminal Minded, You’ve Been Blinded.
Artist Statement: By design mass incarceration is about profit and not reform. The branding of humans as criminals, guilty or innocent.... Read more
The All-American Uniform Collection – NYFW.
On Thursday February 13th, 2020 -The Brooklyn Circus/BKc made official @apple history... Read more
Event, Global Village:
Sennheiser + The BKc at Liberty Fairs NYc.
Expanding on their mission - The Future of Audio, Sennheiser presents The Citizens of Sound; an exhibit produced by The Brooklyn Circus... Read more