Editorial, Global Village

Designer Home(s) with Spike & Mies of Jouez Les Enfants

We love interior decorating. Not the traditional way of course where everything matches perfectly, but more in a way where you compose all kinds of objects, colors and materials that have absolutely nothing to do with each other. Together, they form a playful and graphic whole. Our design style is really a combination of all things that inspire us, from Bauhaus to Japanese minimalism. I guess you could name it something like “a perfect clash”.

Black walls are so beautiful as a background for vintage teak furniture, plants and art pieces. We painted the whole interior in black and white, except for the bedroom which is completely powder pink. Most of our furniture we found on Marktplaats (which is probably something between Ebay and Craigslist), or vintage design stores. I guess our centerpiece would be the Poul Cadovius Royal System room divider, a beautiful mid-century piece that is completely modular and is made of metal elements with teak shelves and cabinets. Like the leather Togo sofa by Ligne Rose, which we already sold again by the way, we like to keep things moving! The leather beanbag is also a vintage piece by De Sede. The wooden crate chair is a Rietveld remake, and one of our favorite pieces. We once did an interior design project for an office, where we remade several pieces of Rietveld’s Crate furniture. As a present, our carpenter friend made us 1 extra chair. It’s made out of bamboo, and becomes more and more beautiful as it ages. Not everything has to be unique… the large white sofa is from Ikea, which we hacked of course to make it a wall to wall sofa.

We love to collect objects like wooden molds and vintage toys. On our walls is a mix of work by artist friends, our own paintings, and child’s drawings of our son. Our favorite art piece would be the black mobile by Ming Stylemeister. We have several works from him. We’re lucky also to have many photos of friend photographer Andy Tan. Also, we cherish the photo of the mini perfume bottle, an early work by Scheltens & Abbenes. Our favorite part of the house is the full window corner where we have a perfect view on the patio, and of course the patio itself, which we made into a real city jungle. To us, the exterior is equally important as the interior. It’s really the combination that makes it beautiful. When we look outside, we want to see green! Lots of large tropical plants is an absolute must. We live in a 70s patio bungalow surrounded by parks in Amsterdam Noord, the North part of Amsterdam on the other side of the river that we mostly describe as the Brooklyn of Amsterdam. We’re huge fans of 70s architecture.