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Bevin Elias Designed his Ideal World

Speaking to Bevin Elias requires a lot of mental stamina, a level of understanding about the things he loves and lots of focus. He starts without needing the cue to start and dives into a wide range of things he is clearly passionate about and has spent countless hours researching, learning and actually putting to practice. From interior design, floral arrangements, men’s suiting, traveling, mid century furniture, photography, to 90s reggae sound clash culture. He launched his creative career at a very early age working with fashion icon Tommy Hilfiger alongside fashion veteran Peter Paul. When he left Tommy, he oddly landed at The Brooklyn Circus. “We grew up wearing a lot more Ralph Lauren than Tommy Hilfiger, so when Bevin came in waving his Tommy experience we were like, ok what else? He joined The Brooklyn Circus team and showed us what else and continues to do just that in life. We sat down with Bevin Elias to dig into his passions and his why.


“To Entertain the way you Live, and Live the way you Entertain.” – B.E.

When it comes to entertaining guests, there is a “best foot forward” sense of pride, a personal level of detail, and a respect of what your guests experience and walk away with.  When you apply that entertaining philosophy to the way you live at home, your retreat, your personal expression of yourself it comes full circle, in the quality of things that surround you and the ceremony of daily meals, coffee breaks, and the many interactions through the spaces you call home.


I fell in love with meticulous detail, thoughtful presentation, and personal curation through my stops within the fashion industry.  I loved how all objects, clothing, music, food, ambiance, “JUST THINGS,” delivers a scene , a moment, an experience.

Starting my career at the Tommy Hilfiger Showroom in NYC, here was my 1st exposure to the planning, laying out, and pulling all the elements of mood, storytelling and setting the stage to present a collection to be sold and ultimately believed by the onlookers of why all of our work is the best thing you have ever seen.  (At least for a moment).

I have worked for many American and International apparel companies, and at each stop there were many lessons and experiences. They all had one thing in common, experiences and a point of view. What did they want the client to believe, take home, or become so immersed within the environment, they began to live what the brand stood for? All the Above. While at the Brooklyn Circus, I learned Discipline, Creativity, and most importantly; Do All You Can Do!!!! – with what you have and embrace the riches the surrounding people and environment had to offer. I learned the importance of evolution and the necessity to adapt but to always look forward.  At Cartier I learned to create the environment, explore music, lighting, and stress every detail for every scenario that can happen. At Brioni, it was the power of craftsmanship, detail, and elevating your touch, the experience, and the take away.  At Giorgio Armani, I was inspired by a unified vision and marriage many disciplines can all live under one roof and the attitude should remain consistent.


I was born in the Caribbean, Grenada West Indies, this is a place to experience individuals taking pride in what they had to offer and were filled with joy to tell a story over a meal, any meal. An island and a people which were influenced by many cultures but rich in tradition and filled with a proud sense of self. Entertaining in the Caribbean was a celebration and joyous. Everything came together from the heart and mostly what was available.


The world has so much to offer. While traveling from country to country and absorbing culture and tradition, I took away, applied, and shared. Observation and becoming immersive in the place and moment, while remaining rooted in my culture aided in my growth as a designer but a host. Keeping your eyes open while abroad allows one to soak in what’s going on around you so it can be expressed in everything you do.


The goal is to create a multi-tiered entertainment and stay space where individuals can host their events, enjoy a night in spaces that reflect their interests, and share great moments with likeminded individuals over food and drink.

COVID 19-2020

There were 6 weddings, a few baby celebrations, and intimate dinners planned thus far, from Philadelphia to Australia. Out of the many hesitant and unsure dialogue shared between creative and client, they all started off with; “maybe it will happen…,” then, “maybe later in the year,” now, “maybe next year.” Many people were affected, disappointed, and taken by surprise during this time of uncertainty, but the most important feeling was one of hope and creativity. We had to pivot and just stand still, until we are able to resume again. Unfortunately there were no alternatives for us, as our survival is based on the gathering of people intimately or in a bountiful way.