Global Village


Who am I? I’m a beautiful person who is figuring that out, and making sure that I don’t mix up what I do with who I am.

I am a Business and Estate Planning Attorney. I help persons create plans that both control their assets and influence their legacy after they are gone.

What does International Women’s month mean to you? What’s your favorite time of the year?

IWM is a time to pause and recognize the positive effects that women have had on various industries, governments and
communities. Most stories and accolades are centered around the man’s perspective. IWM is an opportunity to pause and recognize that there’s an entire demographic that contributes to our societies as well.

Would you share something that most people don’t know about you? A quirk or a hobby?

I love stationery. I’ve gotten better over the years and trained myself not to buy every piece that I find. However, I lwill pause to at least admire pens, notebooks, and any item that adds organization and beauty.

How do you communicate through your style and what you wear?

Through my style, I like to communicate how I’m feeling, how I want to feel or how I want to be perceived.

What does The Brooklyn Circus and Global Village mean to you. What do you think of when you hear 100yr plan, style, character or Global village?

The global village represents bigger possibilities. A lot of what we have come to learn, is simply based on what’s within arms reach. The global village allows you to see more, think bigger, and do better. It’s inspiring to see someone like you across the globe doing something amazing.