For the Love of a Portrait

Written by: Mr. Brown

Sometimes I’m not sure what I love more, the beautiful portraits captured by photographer Lisa Kato or her subjects who are as layered as the beautiful images captured by Kato’s eye for intimacy. Then you are introduced to her husband photographer Koki Sato who’s images have no humans in sight but strike that same intimate and emotional cord with his ability to come so close to something that can seem so distant. They are both highly accomplished photographers who continue to capture timeless beauty together in their personal lives but apart in their photography. We can question apart, but it’s clear that the intimacy that they both capture individually is clearly from the same place-the heart.

Photographer Lisa Kato was born and raised in Japan. She studied photography at Tokyo Polytechnic University in Tokyo. Upon graduating she moved to New York in 2010.She currently works as a full time photographer in New York city.

“I love taking portraits because people’s faces fascinate me and I love the energy that is created between a subject and myself as a photographer – every time I shoot.

Highlights include: Her photography books “FASHION PORTRAIT NEW YORK” and “ONESTAR in NYC” were published by Ei-Publishing in 2019. Her solo photo exhibition “FASHION PORTRAIT NEW YORK” at the ROSE MARIE INES GALLERY in New York in 2019.

Instagram: @lisaka10

Koki Sato was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. He graduated from I.C.P. (International Center of Photography) in 2011 and began working as a fine artist / photographer based in New York. Koki provides visuals for several brands and artists, in addition to publishing two photo books, “99¢ City” in 2016, and “fragile” in 2019. His most recent work was shown at two solo exhibitions at Magic Gallery in New York City and BEAMS T in Tokyo last year.

Instagram: @kokisa10