The Bearded Man Speaks

On Monday Creative Director Ouigi Theodore went live to share his current experience in Port-Au-Prince,Haiti since the outbreak in NYc. He also shared BKc 20/20 plans and of course adjusting to the new normal. The Live started promptly and was quickly filled with eager BKc followers tuned in to ask questions or simply catch a gem. with over 617 viewers passing through the 30 minute session, there was no shortage of questions and comments. We selected 10 unanswered questions and Ouigi was kind enough to answer them for us. If you missed the test live, Ouigi promised to appear live more often starting with the new series The Bearded Man Speaks which launches this Wednesday April 15th at 3:30pm est.  The live sessions will be limited to only 10 different sessions featuring 10 different guests and only last 30 minutes. It will feature an assortment of special guest/friends of the BKc who are experts in design, technology, art, vintage, styling and culture.


How does your varsity jackets differ from others?

It’s a combination of brand philosophy and our production partners. We only use the best fabrics, work with the best cutters and sewers with over 40 years of experience in making varsity jackets and the service we provide for the life of the jacket.

What is your personal style?

“Style Rules” I think my personal style is constantly changing as I am constantly changing, it’s a canvas for how I feel at a particular time. However it’s always rooted in vintage, classic, urban and class. I would say simplicity but I’ve tried things in the past that were far from simple.

How has reggae inspired your life and stye?

Reggae music is my first love, so I am inspired by reggae on so many level. Growing up in Brooklyn we were surrounded by reggae music and dancehall style. Everything from the linen suit, to the brands “Damaged” and “Used” denim suits, travel fox shoes, Clarks shoes and Pipo suits. There was even more style inspiration on the album covers and the stage shows, where guys like Shabba and Super Cat dominated the space.

What did you learn from Race?

I learned so much about the industry and met people that I still do business with through my time as an owner and buyer for Race. I think the real magic happened when we closed Race and I really decided to focus on our genuine roots and culture with The Brooklyn Circus.

Any creative mediums you dabble in?

I love art and have collected for years. I’d love to get back to drawing and pick up painting soon. I was actually scheduled to take painting classes when I got back to NYc from my trip to Haiti. But covid-19 hit and I am still in Haiti a month later.  Other creative mediums- DJ’ing for sure. I grew up dj’ing reggae music and I still love the art of researching and curating good music for an audience or my personal space.

Design history books that you recommend?

I like to see design and how it works in real life no fantasy. I Love history, typography and the psychology of design to those who are aware or unaware of its presence. So the books that I recommend I wouldn’t say are design books, but they have certainly influenced my approach to clothing design and developing the BKc brand.

Iron Fists: Branding the 20th Century Totalitarian State
Steven Heller Universal Principles of Design Book by William Lidwell
Made in Ayity by Roberto Stevenson
Any book by graphic designers Paula Scher and Paul Rand
Alexander Mc Queens Savage Beauty
Freedom: A Photographic History of the African American Struggle

All books by photographer Jamel Shabbaz
Seconds of my life
Back in the Days
A Time Before Crack

Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garçons: Art of the In-Between
Scott Schuman- The Sartorialist Books