Images that make me smile

Photography: Andre L. Perry

Was there a moment of refocus or focus that happened that created the shift in your work or that you would identify as a turning point?

My goal with photography was to always show happy black people from a lifestyle/ commercial perspective. I knew early on this was a lane I haven’t seen myself represented therefore I became the photographer I wanted to see. Many of my peers focus on fashion, celebrity or journalism and I wanted to be different. The defining point that helped me shape my career as a lifestyle photographer was when I saw a Fruit Of The Loom ad in time square while working at BET. Something about this ad spoke to me. Once I discovered who the photographer was, I  studied his work and took him on as a mentor.

What initially drove you to photography and what drives you to continue?

The movie Love Jones is what drove me to become a photographer. I wanted to be a renaissance man just like all the male characters in the movie. What drives me to continue shooting is the fact I am one of few black lifestyle photographers and I like being a unicorn.

What is the big picture for you with photography? A book, a foundation, a school, to teach or what?

I am living my big picture. My goal was to shoot for big commercial brands like Walmart, Target, Nike, ect and I am doing just that. I want to do this for as long as I can then let it naturally take me somewhere else in my career.

Are you inspired by other art forms, if yes who and what?

I’m inspired by anything as small as a child smiling at me while walking by or a Nike billboard in Time Square and everything in between.

What photographers past and present are you inspired by or would love to collaborate with?

I’m inspired by the following photographers. I wouldn’t necessarily want to work with them but I just admire their body of work. 


Any final thoughts or young creatives we should be looking at? Artists, photographers, designers, musicians or more.

I’m fully aware that my photography will not resonate with many. My approach to the craft isn’t filled with deep and super meaningful messages behind each image. I just like images that make me smile and are filled with happiness, curiosity, unique lighting and amazing composition.