Global Village


⁠Who am I?

My name is Lady Maximo, I am a first-generation Filipino-American born and raised in Manila, Philippines. I worked briefly in the Philippines and for a few years in China before moving to the US in 2009 to pursue a degree in fashion. I am now on my 13th year as a professional wardrobe stylist. I style fashion campaigns, brand commercials, editorial, music videos, celebrity, etc.

What does International Women’s month mean to you? What’s your favorite time of the year?

International Women’s Month is empowering to me and to women across the globe. It is vital to carve out space and time to honor the power, impact, and influence that women, past and present, hold and represent in the world and in our individual lives. We stand on the shoulders of our ancestors and we lift each other up so that the next generation of women can stand on ours.

Would you share something that most people don’t know about you? A quirk or a hobby?

A quirk/hobby that most people don’t know is that I watch a lot of K-dramas and reality competition tv. 🙂
It’s actually self-care because styling can be mentally exhausting since it’s all in the details and everything is so visual. These shows are my way of unwinding my creative mind.

How do you communicate through your style and what you wear?

My signature style whether for myself personally or in my work is that I always have that contrast between feminine and masculine and always a touch of edge. Having both lived in the East and West, I also love representing both sides of the world in how i dress. I feel like that’s who I am, I am a product of both and I like using my style to communicate that even before someone gets to know me.

What does The Brooklyn Circus and Global Village mean to you. What do you think of when you hear 100yr plan, style, character or Global village?

The Brooklyn Circus / Global Village is a pillar that is building a strong foundation for the future, not just in fashion but in community, leadership, education, and culture. The BKc is investing in the community and in making sure that this generation and the next has the support and momentum it needs to keep pushing forward is monumental and inspiring. The 100 yr plan, it is a movement that I feel honored to be a part of. I hope I can do my part in however way I can.